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If you see this page, you can get a free personalized inner child meditation.

After asking you a few questions, our team of therapists will create your healing session. You will receive a unique audio made just for you!

Enjoy a 100% FREE personalized inner child meditation

This is a limited-time offer! Once we reach our capacity, we will no longer be able to provide it for free.

Our team will create a free personalized inner child meditation tailored to your specific needs. 

Depending on your needs and what you want to work on, we will create a personalized guided meditation perfectly adapted to your needs.
You can choose the music, the voice, the speed, a relaxing setting for you and also a good relaxation method working for you.
Also our therapist will choose some specific affirmations to say to your inner child that are adapted to the aspect you need to heal. They will also be sure that the meditation is adapted to your needs and you have the capacity to handle it.

By following your inner child meditations tailored to your needs, you can:

No work needed, you just follow these 3 simple steps:

1. Answer a few questions (5min)

So we can know you better and create your personalized healing audio session

2. Wait 1-3 days

To let our team work on your healing session. They will choose the right exercises for your needs and customize everything up to the music and the recording

3. Relax & Listen

This inner work is simple, all you need to do is unwind and let your personalized session lead the way.

100% free and without commitments

approximately 30 minutes


We will take the time to create your personalized session for free.

Do not click if you are not ready to improve and spend 30 minutes listening to your session.

Please note that this free personalized inner child meditation is not a replacement for professional therapy. If you are experiencing severe or persistent mental health issues, we recommend seeking the advice of a licensed therapist or mental health professional. You can contact someone from our team if needed.


Why is it free? ​

Indeed, each session takes us time, but we do the first session for free because we want to share these techniques that have helped us and our patients so much. We also hope you will continue working with us later. But you are not obliged or committed to anything. You can listen to your free session as often as you like and still benefit from it (some person still listen to their session regularly)

And if money is a problem, we have plans that will let you continue with us.

I'm afraid this will be too much for me to handle

We understand that you may feel overwhelmed by this process, but please don’t worry. Your first session will be very gentle, and we won’t open any Pandora’s box of painful memories. We will always go at your own pace. You can also send us a note explaining your concerns in the form, and we will take extra care. And if you need it, we will do some exercises to help you handle your emotions better.

What is inner child meditation?

This technique helps you reconnect with your inner child. In psychology, we call inner child the subconscious part of you that holds your childhood memories, emotions, and needs. Your inner child may be wounded, neglected, or suppressed by your adult self, which can cause you problems in your present life. Inner child meditation helps you heal, nurture, and love your inner child, and integrate it with your adult self.

In the first session, you usually visualize your younger self in a safe and comfortable place, and communicate with them compassionately and supportively.

By doing so, you can improve your self-esteem, creativity, joy, and relationships. This is also a powerful tool to overcome trauma and heal emotional wounds.

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